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Why They Love Us

Shanmugam DShanmugam D
13:32 07 Nov 22
I consulted Dr.Naveen and Dr.Murali for my health issues. They both patiently listened to all my health concerns and provided me with a diet plan with few ayurvedic supplements. I religiously followed the diet plan for 2+months and saw tremendous difference in my lab results. I sincerely thank Dr.Naveen and Dr.Murali for all the support and guidance they have provided during the treatment. Also, I greatly appreciate the weekly follow up they do on how we are doing. They are very responsive to call/messages if we have any questions. I wish they have a physical location in Minneapolis. I strongly recommend Dr.Naveen and Dr.Murali. Thanks again.
sasireka iappansasireka iappan
18:11 25 Oct 22
I am very happy of Dr Naveen and Dr Murali medical consultation for my Cholestrol treatment.I droped my ldl,total cholestrol m,TGL 40,40 and 21 points in 3 months.HDL went up 3 points as well.They are a good guide and easy reachable people,humble.I love Ayurvedic treatment than other medicines.It is taking bit time but worth it if u want to avoid other medications and side effects.Thank you so much both doctors we need you service people like me.
Satayoday KumarSatayoday Kumar
20:15 30 Aug 22
Dr Naveen & Dr Murali is very knowledgeable and know what they are talking .They listened my issue carefully and prescribed diet and supplement . Very responsive.Good to have a Ayurvedic center in Texas area.
Ajay RamjiAjay Ramji
03:22 03 Jun 22
My wife consulted Dr. Naveen and Dr. Murali at this Pathanjali center in Houston a few months ago over a zoom call about a chronic health issue she has for several years. They listened to our current way of life, diet and challenges etc patiently and sent her excellent diet/yoga and ayurvedic supplements recommendations. She is already seeing results that were not possible in the past and we are forever grateful to these doctors for their knowledge, care and understanding. We are always so amazed by how quickly they respond to her questions on any day and available to talk over the phone for follow up questions about their recommendations. My wife feels very supported and motivated to continue their plan and seeing positive changes! These doctors really care about you, are accommodating and professional too. Blessings to them and their family!
Ayush DahiyaAyush Dahiya
21:06 26 May 22
Dr Naveen & Dr Murali of Patanjali Wellness are a gift to the Houston area. My mom and I saw immediate benefits from their recommendations for our GI issues. They are also easy to communicate with and offer a no frills service. They helped solidify my faith in Ayurveda and Naturopathic medicine. When allopathic medicine told us there is no cure to certain issues - Dr Murali and Naveen actually worked with us to get to a cure. Highly recommended.
Rajesh DhamechaRajesh Dhamecha
01:19 21 Feb 22
I went to them for my digestive issues. It has been just about a month and I have started feeling great by following their diet plan. Dr Murli and Dr Naveen are awesome doctors, very knowledgeable and caring. Thank you so so much for you help!
Nidhi VasudevaNidhi Vasudeva
04:07 20 Feb 22
Patanjali Wellness Center is a blessing to the world. The doctors are great. I consult with them for all my health issues and the results are amazing. They are doing a great service to humanity. Dr Murlidharan is an amazing Ayurvedic Doctor . Dr Navin is a great naturopathic doctor. I don't have words to express the excellent work they do.
Rudra DuraikkannuRudra Duraikkannu
02:05 17 Feb 22
Even though I grew up in India, I never tried ayurveda until now. I had chronic issues with my health and the diet plan/medicines did wonder during the last 5 months. The doctors are very understanding, caring, and support the needs given the constraints on availability of medicines and dietary needs. If anyone looking to address their health issues at the core, please give it a try as the treatment uses natural foods and techniques. No artificial ingredients or advanced medications. THANK YOU!

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