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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ayurvedic supplements are purely herbal preparations that were formulated thousands of years ago in the classical texts. These herbal supplements don’t have any side effects by themselves.

Ayurveda supplements take time to undo the damage because these are the kind of food supplements which need to get assimilated into the bloodstream and then to work on the needed body organ or tissues.

Ayurvedic supplements do not have any major food restrictions, but sometimes there will be few restrictions depending upon the treatment. Also consider avoiding meat while taking them, as these are herbal preparations and the potency of these may get reduced while eating meat products and the benefits may get delayed.

Wake up early in the morning preferably before sunrise. Attend to nature’s calls. A good bath each day is very necessary to warm the body, open the pores, and regulate your body’s internal thermostat. Practice daily ayurvedic oil massage (abhyanga) before your bath. Daily massage is very important for opening the channels, stimulating the digestion, removing toxins from the body and pacifying the doshas. All these factors make massage a vital therapy in strengthening immunity and preventing respiratory problems. Adequate sleep is especially important, as it counteracts the cell damage happening to the body. It is also essential for anyone in any season who wants to enhance immunity and wellness. Hitting the bed early at night is best practice to feel the freshness in the morning. Exercise is another important aspect of the ayurvedic routine, because it helps enhance the digestive fire and burns away toxins. It’s important to choose the right exercise for your body type and for the season, though. Daily walks and yoga postures are good for balancing all the doshas and especially suit Vata types, while more vigorous daily exercise is required by Kapha types to stay healthy. Exercise is especially important during Kapha season, because it helps to boost agni and your immunity when toxins are flooding the body. Eat only when you feel hungry and in very moderate amounts to aid the digestive process. It’s important to choose the food items based on your body type (constitution). Include the spices like ginger, garlic, turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon in your daily food or drinks in any form. Patanjali Wellness Center ( Houston ) is one of the best and top medical ayurvedic ( ayurveda ) treatment physical massage therapy center places in Houston, Texas, USA ( United States Of America ) and we have a team of top and best affordable specialist therapists, naturopaths, nutritionists, and dietitians who provide you with the top health and medical consultations ( ayurvedic & diet consultations ). And to know more about our best and top health and medical treatment consultation services ( ayurvedic physical massages, therapies, and much more.. ), you can contact us through email or phone number provided on this page or directly visit our Patanjali Wellness Center in Houston, Texas.

Drink plenty of water ( 3 to 4 liters daily) and the toxins shall be expelled out of the body through urine. Eat light and easily digestible foods so that your body is not accumulating any further toxins. Drink herbal tea if available or prepare one yourself with ginger, black pepper, turmeric and cinnamon. Take Thriphala Churna at bedtime with warm water which is the best detox you can do in a subtle way on a daily basis.

Marmas are vital points in the body. When they get injured, it can cause harm, disability or severe pain or even death. Stimulation of these points can maintain good health and well-being.

Stimulating the Marma points activates appropriate brain centers to regulate / restore functioning of all systems of the human body through prana, because these Marma points are also the seat of prana.

Marma therapy can be performed based on the requirement of the client, by tapping, rubbing, knocking, gentle touch, alternating gentle pressure and release, vibrating the nerve, application of medicated oil or paste, adopting certain postures or concentrating the mind on the points.

To our knowledge, most don’t. We believe that these expenses can be paid using a Health Saving Account (HSA). Please consult your HR/accountant.

Disclaimer: All materials on this website are for guidance, and are not intended to replace your legal medical advice and do not claim to cure any illness. Patanjali Wellness Center is not a licensed medical facility. Employees of Patanjali are not trained or licensed as physicians in the USA for medical diagnosis or help. You are encouraged to discuss with your medical doctor about herbal supplements, therapies or any other services from Patanjali in advance of using them.

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