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Effective Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Pain

Effective Ayurvedic treatment for Back pain

Every adult is a victim of back pain, which affects almost 70% of people at some point in their lives. Back pain can be due to a poor sleeping or a careless sitting position, and can be aggravated when left unattended.

Back pain can range from a dull, constant ache, and can also sudden sharp pain. It is one of the most expensive health problems and is the second most common reason for visiting a doctor after a cold. This problem is equal for both men and women.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Pain

Ayurveda offers a wide range of natural treatments for back pain. Using herbal medicines coupled with therapies, Ayurveda help alleviates the agitated Vayu, thus relieving back pain. Given the wide range of possible treatment options, the choice depends on the individual’s lifestyle, health habits, and various other factors.

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The best and safest back pain treatment involves Ayurvedic therapies such as Panchakarma and various Ayurvedic medicines. Along with changes in your lifestyle, you can look to adopt a natural way to cure your back pain problem without any side effects. There are several Ayurvedic therapies for back pain that show significant pain relief and a better ability to perform daily tasks.

What are the Safe Ayurvedic Therapies to Control Back Pain?

Safe Ayurvedic Therapies to Control Back Pain

Ayurveda pain management is a procedure that involves massages and steam as an integral part of its treatment. This process strengthens and rejuvenates the tissues, increases blood circulation, repairs tissue damage, can reduce stiffness, and controls joint pain. In addition, Ayurveda can also provide strength and lubrication to the joints and reduces stress.

Some of the therapies included during an Ayurvedic treatment include:

  • Abhyanga: This is a process where a professional therapist performs soft massages on the back with the help of warm medicated oil. There are various Ayurveda pain reliever oils, such as mahanaryana taila, dhanwantaram taila, karpastayadi taila, and several others. These oils can quickly relieve back pain, joint pain, and stiffness with an efficient body massage followed by a steam bath.
  • Kati Basti: This is a very effective Ayurvedic treatment, especially for lower back disorders. During this process, warm oil is retained at the back within a specific formed frame for 20 to 40 minutes. Warm oil provides lubrication to the back muscles and also improves circulation, while special herbal ingredients in the oil provide a therapeutic effect.
  • Choorna Pinda Sweda: During this treatment, Ayurveda oil massage is performed with Potali steam. This is a highly effective pain relief treatment. Herbal leaves tied into a bolus and massaged against the painful back and other body parts generate heat and reduce pain. This treatment is most beneficial for sports injuries, rheumatoid arthritis, spondylitis, and for ligament tears.
  • Navarkizhi: It is a special pain-relieving treatment that uses Shali rice boiled in milk and herbs to form Navarakizhi. This type of massage is very nourishing in nature and relieves pain. It also reduces the muscle pressure, swelling, and stiffness that are often associated with joint disorders, including arthritis and others.
  • Nadi Sweden: A special steaming therapy Nadi Sweden, is used for joint and muscular pains. This therapy promotes toxin elimination by opening up sweat pores. It can also improve blood supply to the affected area, thus reducing joint stiffness and pain.

Ayurveda Therapies without the Massage

Ayurveda Therapies without the Massage

During acute pain conditions, it is better to go for intense massage therapies involving pressure. For acute inflammation conditions, experienced therapists from Patanjali Yogpeeth USA can perform these special therapies to help reduce pain.

  1. Kaya Seka: This refers to pouring the warm and medicated oils throughout the body, while patients lie down in a supine and prone position. This process is especially useful in stimulating sensory and motor receptors, thus helping chronic back pain conditions. It is also good for the secretion of neuro-hormones that affect brain chemistry and provides the recipient with a sense of well-being.
  2. Kati Pichu: In this procedure, a cotton cloth soaked in warm medicated oil as per the patient’s condition is kept on the back for a specific time. This method provides instant relief from acute back pain without massage.
  3. Lepana: Here the therapist uses a thick pack of paste over the painful area, and covers it with herbal leaves and bandages it with clean clothes. A combination of heat and herbs provides relaxation of the muscles and the tendons.

What does Ayurveda say for Back Pain?

The Ayurvedic treatment is primarily focused on diet, lifestyle, and herbal remedies. Back pain treatment with the help of Ayurveda involves:

  • Maintaining a good body posture. Bad posture can cause a reduction in the intervertebral joint space and causes ‘Vata’ or imbalance. This can be corrected through the administration of oral medicines or by detoxifying the body using Panchakarma.
  • Ayurveda recommends avoiding refrigerated food and drinks and consume only warm, sour, and salty foods.
  • Ayurveda also recommends the use of herbs like Guggul, shallaki, and Ginger to treat back pain.

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