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4 Ways Massages Improve Your Circulation and Wellbeing

4 Ways Massages Improve Your Circulation and Wellbeing

In the bustling city of Houston, where the average person spends 8-10 hours a day immersed in work, often glued to screens, prioritizing individual health is essential. Many of us overlook the signs our bodies give us, such as headaches, backaches, and tired eyes. Ignoring these symptoms can lead to more severe health issues over time. In this article, we’ll delve into the crucial topic of how massages, particularly Ayurvedic massages in Houston, can significantly improve circulation and overall wellbeing.

Most doctors and fitness coaches recommend walking for at least 30 minutes every day. It helps keep your body and your circulation active. Another great way to help your body relax and de-stress is going for a body massage at Patanjali Wellness Center.

Massages can vary from a light touch massage to an intrusive deep tissue massage. The most common types & techniques of massages are listed below:

  1. Swedish Massage: Swedish massage, renowned for its gentle approach, is a timeless massage form that utilizes long, sweeping strokes and circular movements to induce relaxation. Originating in Sweden, this technique is widely embraced for its ability to alleviate stress, improve circulation, and foster an overall sense of tranquility. In the heart of Houston, Swedish massage serves as a cornerstone for those seeking a serene escape from the demands of daily life.
  2. Deep Massage: Deep massage, a robust therapeutic approach, is specifically tailored to address muscle fatigue and injuries. This technique involves slow, forceful strokes, penetrating deep into tissues and muscles to alleviate tension and promote healing. Houstonians dealing with the repercussions of intense physical activities or recovering from injuries find solace in the firm yet calculated touch of deep massage, unraveling knots and restoring flexibility.
  3. Trigger Point Massage: For those grappling with localized pain stemming from tight muscle fibers, trigger point massage offers a precise solution. This technique hones in on specific trigger points, addressing singular areas of tension with focused pressure. By targeting these tight knots, trigger point massage aims to alleviate pain and enhance overall muscle function. In Houston, individuals experiencing discomfort can find relief through the meticulous attention to trigger points provided by skilled therapists.
  4. Sports Massage: A sibling of the renowned Swedish massage, sports massage extends its benefits to athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Tailored for those engaged in rigorous physical activities, this massage form aims to enhance performance, aid in recovery, and prevent injuries. In the vibrant city of Houston, sports massage has become a staple for individuals seeking a specialized form of relaxation that aligns with their active lifestyles.

While the general purpose of a massage is to de-stress and relax the tension in the body, some massages can even relieve the person from the pain of an injury or soreness. A massage also helps in ensuring proper circulation of blood and produces positive signals throughout the body by easing up the tensed muscles and providing much-needed relief to the nervous system. Patanjali Wellness Center provides you with an ambient environment, relaxing music, and lightly scented rooms to enrich your massage experience. They also offer additional facilities such as steam baths and sauna rooms, further elevating your massage experience.

How a body massage can improve our wellbeing?

Massage therapy is an age-old practice and is one of the most effective ways to address discomfort, pain, and stress and provides relaxation. Some of the most common benefits of a massage are listed below:

  1. Ensures a relaxed body and mind by inducing a stress-free and calm environment.
  2. Reduces any soreness in the muscles and eases the tensed body.
  3. A massage is known to bring down anxiety levels for highly anxious individuals.
  4. Sometimes, a massage can induce the feeling of self-care and comfort in an otherwise fast-paced life with no real connections.

4 ways a massage can improve Circulation and Wellbeing in the body are:

  1. Improves circulation throughout the body and elevates overall energy and alertness in a person.
  2. Improves the immunity of a body.
  3. Helps in reducing lower back pain, stiffness around the neck, and headaches, which are often caused by constant sitting or spending too much time on electronic devices such as phones, computers, TVs, etc.
  4. A calm environment and soft touch make sure to lower your heart rate and bring your blood pressure to acceptable levels.

Below are a few pointers to keep in mind before going in for a massage:

  • It is imperative to discuss any prevailing conditions with your massage therapist beforehand and let them know of any medications that you might be on.
  • Make sure you go to a certified massage therapist who comes with the knowledge and experience needed to deal with any special cases.
  • If you are going in for recurring sessions, make sure to get a well-laid-out plan and the number of sessions you require.
  • An important point to check is the cost of a massage and if your health insurance covers it.

What to expect in your first massage?

In a massage session at Patanjali Wellness Center, you need to wear loose-fitting clothes or undress, whichever is comfortable for you. You generally start by lying down on your stomach while being covered with a thin sheet or a towel. Your massage therapist will begin with a soft touch evaluation, and you can pinpoint any areas that might be sore or so tense that you can feel the tension. This helps the therapist determine the amount of pressure needed in various body parts.

A therapist may use hot oil or lotion to decrease the friction caused by constant rubbing of the skin. Listening to soft music or relaxing in a silent atmosphere is your personal preference, and you can inform your therapist of the same. A normal massage can vary from 10-90 minutes and depends on the level of tension in the body. If you feel the therapist is applying more pressure and if it hurts, you can always ask for a lighter touch.


Hope you like this blog post “4 Ways Massages Improve Your Circulation and Wellbeing”. In general, a massage is supposed to be a relaxing experience where you can de-stress and let go of any tension or anxiety build-up in a calm and soothing environment. Breathe in the light scents of aroma in ambient light, take out a moment for self-care, and sign up at Patanjali Wellness Center for a relaxing body massage today.

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