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7 Ways Yoga is good for Your Mental Health

7 Ways Yoga is good for Your Mental Health

Yoga primarily emphasizes breathing practices and meditation, both of which are critical procedures to help calm and center the mind. In addition, Yoga also offers several mental benefits, including reduced anxiety and depression. Exercising regularly and maintaining good eating habits are good to keep us physically fit. But with people under stress and strain, it is harder for them to find techniques to stay mentally healthy. That is why more and more people are moving towards Yoga. Along with physical benefits, this form of practice provides lots of mental benefits too.

Yoga is very popular in America, with more than 36 million populations taking it as their daily routine. Yoga is a discipline that is thousands of years old and has deep spiritual and philosophical roots. A recent Harvard research revealed that Yoga, apart from keeping you physically fit, reduces anxiety and depression and can make your brain work better.

How Yoga is Becoming Popular in America

Yoga is good for mental health, and its techniques enhance well-being, happier mood, and increased power of attention, which is why it has gained more popularity in America. Almost one in seven US adults practice yoga, and the percentage is rising by every day. National survey data reveals that almost 94% of adults practicing Yoga are doing it for wellness-related reasons, while around 17.5% do it for treating specific health conditions.

If you are looking to foster a better sense of well-being, practicing Yoga may be an excellent solution. Below are the 7 top reasons that establish how it is also good for your mental health.

Yoga reduces stress

7 Ways Yoga is good for Your Mental HealthPracticing Yoga helps reduce the secretion of cortisol, which is known as the primary stress hormone, thus promoting relaxation. Chronic stress may increase cortisol levels, which lead to inflammation while increasing the odds of developing heart disease, stroke, and cancer. Researchers say that Yoga has an amazing quality of increasing immunity that fights stress and is a powerful way, that keeps a close check on your stress levels under various conditions.

Helps boost your concentration

7 Ways Yoga is good for Your Mental Health When there is so much going on in our lives it is often hard to stay focused. Practicing yoga postures like a headstand helps increase blood circulation to the brain, providing it with more oxygen. Thus Yoga increases alertness and awareness and also boosts your concentration. Yoga also affects neural patterns in the brain that improve the ability to concentrate and reduces fluctuations in mind, making you stay more focused.

Yoga fights Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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People practicing Yoga have reported that it reduced symptoms of PTSD. Adults diagnosed with PTSD took part in three-hour yoga sessions for a week. After completing the classes, participants noticed a reduction in the severity of their PTSD syndromes and also in their respiratory rate. Yoga has a calming effect on our nervous system. Practicing Yoga the right way promotes stillness and relaxation in the body and offers relief when you are suffering from PTSD.

Yoga relieves migraines

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As Yoga exercises loosen tight areas like the neck, head, and shoulders that often hold stress, this form of discipline prevent a migraine from occurring and also counterattacks its symptoms. Yoga postures and deep breathing techniques impact adults with migraine and helps fight them. Moreover, stress is considered a common trigger for people with migraine. Yoga activities are aimed at reducing stress levels, and lower the symptoms of migraine, and fight the disability associated with migraine.

Eases anxiety

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People have to deal with anxiety and depression at one point in their lives. A person living in the modern world has to struggle at various levels, causing him unnecessary stress. The breathing exercise training in Yoga is especially effective to ease anxiety, as there is a strong relationship between anxiety and breathing. People living with depression and anxiety are turning towards Yoga, as it offers help to come over these conditions.

Promotes your quality of sleep

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Depression and anxiety often result in poor sleep quality. Incorporating Yoga into your daily routine will ensure you get a well-rested sleep. Moreover, Yoga helps to fall asleep faster, promotes better sleeping patterns, decreases sleep disturbances, improves sleep quality, and decreases your need for medications to sleep. Researchers say that practicing Yoga increases the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that regulates wakefulness and sleeps.

Improves your relationships

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Making Yoga your daily routine ensures a calmer and more relaxed attitude in your daily life. When you are cool, even when things go wrong, it helps build strong relationships in your surroundings. Dealing with issues without getting stressed is a great attribute that Yoga lets you build, and thus improves your relationships.


Join Yoga Today and Improve Your Mental and Physical Health

Whether you are under stress or struggling with depression, Yoga classes from Patanjali Wellness Houston will help you overcome the problems and keep your mental and physical health at its top. Health treatment and consultation from the top therapists, naturopaths, nutritionists, and dietitians will ensure keeping your body working in sound condition today and in the future.

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